Trauma, Adjustment Disorders and PTSD

If you are experiencing any of the following, the counselors below have experience helping people successfully navigate these symptoms.

  • Have you experienced a single trauma event that continues to negatively impact your life OR have had multiple events over your lifespan that continue to negatively impact your life?

  • Have you heard about EMDR therapy and want to give it a try?

  • Have you been diagnosed with PTSD or an Adjustment Disorder and want healing?

Our Therapists Who Specialize in this area:

Kristen Gidel Kelly (she/her)

Michele Vinbury (she/her)

Dan Jones (he/him)

Shayla Krecklow (she/her)

Amanda (Nikki) Tillman (she/her)

Kelsee Tucker (she/her)

Evan Wilkerson (he/him)

Jessie Boone (she/her)

Joanne Morrissey (she/her)

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