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LISW-S, EMDR Therapist

Jessie’s main therapeutic modalities include EMDR, IFS/parts work and DBT. Jessie has advanced EMDR training and is working toward Certification.  Jessie likes to use Attachment-Focused EMDR to help navigate relationship dynamics including boundaries and communication. Poor attachment from parents or trauma in childhood can affect a person’s ability to connect with others romantically and platonically. Jessie likes to use DBT for distress tolerance skills to help cope with strong emotions, panic attacks and anger. Jessie has been through EMDR therapy herself in her early 20’s and it had resolved her own PTSD symptoms which dramatically changed her life. It means a lot to her to be given the opportunity to give back and provide that healing for others. EMDR can help heal from many traumas such as sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, grief, assault, and domestic violence. It can also help with phobias and anxiety. It works by desensitizing the memory, reprocessing the negative cognitions we may carry into positive ones, and clearing our body sensations that carry trauma. 

Jessie is an independently licensed therapist with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and Masters degree in social work from the Ohio State University. She has been practicing the mental health field for the last 8 years. She began her career working primarily with veterans for 6 years by providing crisis intervention and has provided therapy to their caregivers. She wanted to expand her passion of working with individuals with trauma by expanding her population which led to her joining our team at  Imagine Recovery Counseling for the last 2 years. 

Jessie is always client focused and meets the individual needs of each person. She will plan with you to create a unique treatment plan that is specific to each of your goals with your experience and background in mind. 

She also makes intentional steps to make sure clients feel comfortable by using humor, compassion, and assures clients do not feel judged when working with her.  She genuinely enjoys and has worked with all different races, backgrounds, genders, and sexualities of people. Also, Jessie identifies as a Christian and a LGBTQIA+ ally which expands her ability to connect with many different types of folks. 

She loves to travel to new places and is a thrill seeker. Also, loves adventures such as hiking, white water rafting, concerts, zip lining, and camping. She likes spending time with friends, family, and her two cats Simba and Mufasa. 

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