iREST Therapeutic Meditation Group

If you are looking for a new way to deal with your stress and anxiety due to COVID-19, life struggles, depression , insomnia, chronic pain, relationships or addiction, please join me in this 8 week session of iRest (Integrative Restoration) from your home.

iRest is an evidence based transformative, integrative and therapeutic approach that will give you tools to help you relax, decrease stress, deal with chronic pain, sleep well and improve your interpersonal relationships. Each week we will look at the 10 stages of iRest individually and interweave them into a mind-body connection. By the end of these 8 weeks, you will have the skills, knowledge and ability to not only practice iRest independently, but to incorporate the iRest elements into your daily life.

iRest is a modern version of an ancient practice of healing and restoration.

I invite you to use this unique “COVID time” to enhance your health and sense of well-being. I am looking forward to being your guide in leading a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Weekly Wednesday evening sessions are starting September 16th thru November 4th from 7-8P via telehealth.

This group is limited to 6, so please sign up soon to reserve your sessions.

Start Living Your Recovery