Distress Tolerance, Emotional Disregulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Self Harm and Suicidial Ideation

If you are experiencing any of the following, the counselors below have experience helping people successfully navigate these symptoms.

  • Do you sometimes feel younger or older than your biological age, especially when you feel triggered, stressed, or highly anxious?
  • Do you find that your emotions are very extreme, either very intense and consuming or you feel completely detached from feeling anything emotional or physical?
  • Do You struggle to find, keep or leave relationships, for better or worse?
  • Harming yourself (cutting, burning, head banging) helps you deal with emotionally stressful or triggering situations? Do you find it either helps you to “feel” something or the opposite to numb out or not feel?
  • Do you struggle with a constant feeling or wanting to end your life that may or may not have to do with actually wanting to die? Does the thought of ending your life give you options or choices out of a bad situation?

Our Therapists Who Specialize in These Issues:

Kristen (Gidel) Kelly (she/her)

Shayla Krecklow (she/her)

Jessie Boone (she/her)

Amanda (Nikki) Tillman (she/her)

Kelsee Tucker (she/her)

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